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Google Maps Israel

While everyone is going crazy about the new Google browser that was released to Beta today (Google Chrome) – Google actually released something a lot more exciting for me today.
This news item can easily be overlooked, but its a big deal for us Israelis.

Google has FINALLY released today the proper Hebrew version of Google Maps. This means we can finally use Google Maps for navigating in Israel, and even in Hebrew.

If you’re an Israel, and/or speak Hebrew, check it out.

[Source: YNet]

3 Responses to “Google Maps Israel”

  1. eran Says:

    When will this finally be available for the iPhone? I don’t understand why the Google Maps application for the iPhone is using another database

  2. Thomas Says:

    Yes, this is great if you can read Hebrew. I am just reading The Haj (Leon Uris) and wanted to look up some of the places.
    I would be great if Google would have an option to display map items in the language of the place being displayed and in English, especially if the characters are non-latin.
    Maybe that option is there and I just have not found it yet.

  3. Deedy Says:

    Google Maps of Israel display in English too. BTW – I once lived in the house where Leon Uris wrote Exodus. He left his extensive library in the house too with footnotes on the pages. But I’m digressing…

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