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Archive for December, 2008 back online

I had very little time these last couple of weeks for anything really. included.
I flew to LA, and generally work kept me busy. And Murphy’s Law: the domain registration expired exactly 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t even noticed.

I’m back, the domain registration was extended once more, and is back online. [...]

Google Chrome out of Beta – Officially released!

Google just announce that Google Chrome is out of Beta an is officially released!
I don’t think I remember Google taking any product out of Beta. Gmail is in Beta for how long now? And here, after a short 3 month period Chrome is officially out.
My theory is that Google really wants to push this one [...]

Nokia N97 Announced

Nokia has officially unveiled the next flagship product, a successor to the N95:
The Nokia N97.
The N95 is really a fantastic phone, I’ve been using it for quite some time now, and even prefer it over my iPhone due to the much better PIM features (Contacts, Calendar etc..), PC sync capability, video recording and more!
The N97 [...]