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Bruno – Better than Borat?

If you’ve been following my blog for a few years, you gotta know I’m a huge Sasha Baron Cohen fan.


I’ve been watching his  characters on TV long before he became really famous with Borat. I even posted here about his movie a long time before it came out.
I was extremely please the movie Borat did not disappoint and it’s crazy funny.

Well, in keeping with this tradition, I want to give you a heads up regarding the next Cohen movie – Bruno.
Bruno is another crazy character from the TV show days. A very gay Austrian fashion reporter. Once again Cohen gets into character and interacts with people not knowing it’s just a character.

I’ve known about this movie for quite some time now, BUT, the news is that some people watched some clips from the new movie, and according to their reviews (Here are some examples) – It might be even funnier than Borat!

Looking forward to watch Bruno.

If you haven’t seen him yet, check out a few online clips from his old TV show.

2 Responses to “Bruno – Better than Borat?”

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  2. matthew Says:

    i saw the trailor and i almost cried i laughed so hard. i cant wait to see it. S.B.C is a genious. i would rather be him than anyone of these uptight hollywood actors anyday

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