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Archive for March, 2009

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Released

It’s now official. Internet Explorer 8 is officially released.
Is it just me or is it really the least anticipated browser release ever? I mean, don’t you kinda feel like saying “Yeah, yeah, so what..?”
As far as I can tell the new stuff in version 8 revolves around “InPrivate Browsing”, which enablesyou to browse without your [...]

Bruno – Better than Borat?

If you’ve been following my blog for a few years, you gotta know I’m a huge Sasha Baron Cohen fan.
I’ve been watching his  characters on TV long before he became really famous with Borat. I even posted here about his movie a long time before it came out.
I was extremely please the movie Borat did [...]

Exciting new product from Sony!!!

This one is SO nicely done!

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

I’m a huge Time-Travel geek. Huge.
It probably goes back to seeing Back to the Future in the movie theater as a kid, realizing I’ve just experienced my top movie of all times. Ever.
In any case, ever since, I’ve been a huge time travel geek. My favorite Sci-Fi sub-genre by a clear mile. I probably saw [...]

Did Ancient Viruses Spur Human Evolution?

I stumbled on an interesting post titled Did Ancient Viruses Spur Human Evolution? which got into the top Science stories on Digg today.
The story actually talks about a more complete article at the New-Yorker titled Darwin’s Surprise. It’s a very interesting and new twist to the classic evolution theory. After mapping the human genome scientists [...]