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Windows Vista SP2 Released

This took me by complete surprise.

I had an automatic update notice on my Vista machine today.
As usual I almost automatically chose to apply it, when I notice that, HEY, this is Service Pack 2 for Vista.
I wasn’t even expecting it to be honest.

So I looked around the internet a little, and yes, Microsoft released today the Windows Vista SP2 update. Both as a standalone downloadable version as well as an automatic update.

Among the notable changes are:

* Windows Search 4.0! (Cool, cool search tool – Finally official part of the OS)
* Removes the limit of 10 half open outbound TCP connections! (No more custom hacks for eMule!)
* Improves performance for Wi-Fi connections
* Adds support for Blu-Ray Disc media recording
* Should improve performance in general

And more.

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