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WordPress Worm Attack

This was bound to happen, apparently there’s a worm spreading over the Internet attacking WordPress-based blogs by taking advantage of a vulnerability in older versions.

If you have the latest WordPress 2.8.4 – You’re safe. Well this site wasn’t safe. I had a very old version running. I knew it wasn’t safe, but I was just too busy to upgrade.
This post however about the worm scared me. I finally upgraded to WordPress 2.8.4.

Beyond the fact I’m now feeling safer, I was wowed by just how much WordPress has improved in all this time and versions that were released. The admin dashboard was completely unfamiliar to me.
But it now looks really cool, and managing and posting on the blog feels much smoother now, everything feels much more professional.
Damn, I should have updated ages ago.

In the process of upgrading I also tinkered with other technical parts of this site too. I managed to discover that a traffic analysis WordPress plugin by the name of FireStats I installed many months ago apparently made the MySQL DB 10 times larger in size!
After removing it the DB was reduced from a 30+ MB size to a modest 3MB database.
It might be psychological only, but browsing my blog seems so much faster now.

In any case, the bottom line is that it seems to me like the web site is running much safer, better and faster now. Good for me! :-)

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