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Archive for September, 2009

FREE Microsoft Security Essentials Released

Microsoft Security Essentials, the FREE anti-malware client from Microsoft is globally released according to Microsoft’s Press Release.
So far it’s been in limited beta only. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it’s pretty cool. Lightweight and easy on the system.
A free, downloadable, lightweight (and still-to-be-proven GOOD) anti-virus from Microsoft can seriously re-shuffle [...]

How to compress, compact, optimize and shrink PowerPoint presentations

This is unbelievably simple. And I could have figured it out ages ago. But I guess it’s only when you really have a need you set out and find the solution.
We all know about this issue, you sit down and author a PowerPoint presentation. You copy/paste a few cool-looking pictures, and when you’re done, all [...]

xkcd – The Search

The AAA (Almost Always Awesome) xkcd does it again. I always felt that the way we’re searching for life out there, and the responses for the interim results, are redicoulous.
xkcd does an excellent job in explaining all this in a single panel:

Finally – A gaming console for women!

I recently got my dad a Wii. That’s right. My dad. A Wii.
What can I say, he has a lot of time on his hands and he wanted one.
To be honest, I’m jealous. But that’s beside the point.
The point is this hilarious bit about a Wii-like gaming consoles for the ladies.
Yes yes, it’s very sexist [...]

WordPress Worm Attack

This was bound to happen, apparently there’s a worm spreading over the Internet attacking WordPress-based blogs by taking advantage of a vulnerability in older versions.
If you have the latest WordPress 2.8.4 – You’re safe. Well this site wasn’t safe. I had a very old version running. I knew it wasn’t safe, but I was just [...]