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How to access hidden Facebook content without clicking Like

A new emerging trend on Facebook is spreading like wildfire these days, and it’s a very annoying trend.
You get constant Facebook updates from friends, saying they Liked “A really interesting/funny/amazing  photo/movie/scoop” and when clicking on the link the actual content is hidden and you must press “Like” in order to gain access to that item.

Well, I’ve found a super-easy way to bypass this whole thing. This simple procedure will reveal the hidden content WITHOUT the need to click “Like”.
I’ve personally tested it with Firefox, and it works great. I’m not sure about other browsers though.

With Firefox, just create a new Bookmark in your Bookmarks Toolbar.
Name it whatever you like (I called it “Facebook Revealer“). And in the Location field, enter the following text:



Important: I’ve broken this line in half so it fits into the blog. When creating the link it should be all in a single line!

That’s it. As simple as that.
Now as soon as you reach a page that requires you to click “Like”, just click this Bookmarklet you’ve created, and the hidden content will be revealed.

Please let me know if it worked for you too.

Oh, and you’re Welcome!

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