The laziest couch potato in the world is here! No jokes, it took me a few months to make myself get out of the bed and write at least the first post. That`s why I cannot predict how far it all will go. What cannot but make me happy is that constantly watching TV series and movies is not something to be ashamed of anymore. Now people boast about binge-watching Game of Thrones or Mad Men during the whole weekend and others who spent time moving the lawn or feeding mosquitoes in the woods are jealous. Good old times when kids used to play outside are far behind. And I have no regrets! I have been fond of movies for a long time but the modern series makes my heart skip a bit every time. There are a lot of masterpieces which should be shown kids all together with some outstanding paintings or pieces of architecture. That`s in short who you are going to deal with. A true TV series nerd named Max from Kentucky.

Now more about the blog itself. Here I will write about films and series which made me cry or laugh (or both) or simply were too pleasant to watch. I should mention at once that you won`t find any objectivity here – everything I describe in the blog is either what I really liked or what I couldn’t stand. But I am a very open-minded person and like discussions, so I will gladly read and answer your comments here in the blog. And last but not least, I am a fan of comics. Moreover, I am that kind of fan who saved enough money to open a store witch comics. All in all, if you are in Kentucky you are welcome to come to the store. If you live in any other part of the world you are welcome to read and share your feedback. Let`s get started!