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Bloglines – R.I.P

I’ve been on the RSS feed reading wagon for a few good years. I’m not sure for how long, but should be pretty close to a decade by now.
I’ve started with different dedicated clients, like most of us, and at some point switched to a Web-based RSS reader. And once you go Web-based, you can [...]

Google Chrome OS Revealed

I was waiting for this for a long time, just an hour ago Google held a press conference and finally revealed the Google Chrome OS details.
To be honest I wasn’t blown away. It was pretty much what I expected.
It’s still interesting and cool. And for better or worse, that’s the direction technology seems to go.
So [...]

Gmail finally out of Beta. After 5 years.

Wow, while the previous post about the Google OS is certainly a million times more important, I was actually more surprised by this one from Google: After 5 years of being labled as Beta, Gmail is finally officially out of Beta.
Actually the whole Google Apps suite, which Gmail is part of, is finally out of [...]

64 Things Every Geek Should Know

There are tons of different lists that get published daily on various blogs worldwide. People seem to like lists, and they often get voted on and similar sites enough to go straight to the hot list.
Most of them are crap. This list however is actually really cool. 64 cool technology stuff every self respecting [...]

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Released

It’s now official. Internet Explorer 8 is officially released.
Is it just me or is it really the least anticipated browser release ever? I mean, don’t you kinda feel like saying “Yeah, yeah, so what..?”
As far as I can tell the new stuff in version 8 revolves around “InPrivate Browsing”, which enablesyou to browse without your [...]