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64 Things Every Geek Should Know

There are tons of different lists that get published daily on various blogs worldwide. People seem to like lists, and they often get voted on and similar sites enough to go straight to the hot list.
Most of them are crap. This list however is actually really cool. 64 cool technology stuff every self respecting [...]

Exciting new product from Sony!!!

This one is SO nicely done!

A new computer and finally running Windows Vista!

Reading the post below will clarify why there have been no updates for a few weeks.
After 7, almost 8, years of mostly faithful service, my desktop PC finally died on me. I’ve had variousĀ  PC hardware “old age” problems for a couple of years now, but this time the motherboard seems to be completely gone.
So [...]

Splashtop: Instant-on Linux OS on the motherboard

ASUS just announced that some of their top motherboard will feature “Express Gate”, actually a different name for Splashtop.
And boy, Splashtop is cool. Splashtop is a full Linux OS environment, pre-set with browser, email, Skype and other Internet applications which you can start using immediately after turning your machine on. There’s practically no booting as [...]