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Archive for the 'Security' Category

Free Zonealarm Pro Tomorrow

A great catch by gHacks:
Checkpoint, the developers of Zonealarm Pro, will hand out the software program for free tomorrow. To be precise, it will be free starting at 6 AM PDT on Tuesday 18 and remain so for the next 24 hours!!
The url with the free offer will go live at the same time which [...]

Facebook Virus

A great post explaining the much talked about Facebook Virus was posted today on the Yoggie CEO Blog.
It’s a very interesting read, plainly explaining how the attacks works and how to avoid it.
While Facebook does indeed provide a great platform for viral distribution, the technical methods by which attackers reach their victims are anything but [...]

Redefining Anti-Virus Software

A quick and interesting article over at discusses the new emerging trend in anti-virus software technology.
It’s program whitelisting. The concept itself is of course not a new one. Have one big list with signature of benign ALLOWED programs, and any program not in the list is a suspect and will not be allowed to [...]

How to scare the crap out of people with a link

bunnyhero used Flash Player 9 that goes into full screen mode to develop a pretty cool scary effect.
Check it out:

(Click ESCAPE to get out..)

Yoggie announces Gatekeeper Card Pro

If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you know I’m working at Yoggie, a great company with great products.
As I’ve written before, Yoggie’s Gatekeeper Pico is essentially a USB-sized miniature computer running Linux and a full Internet security suite, so you just stick it into the USB port of a Windows machine and [...]