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Just announced by Microsoft: Windows Phone!

Seems like Microsoft is on a lucky streak here. Windows 7 seems to be a critical and commercial success.
Now shorty after that, Microsoft just announced a couple of hours ago their new phone: Windows Phone 7 Series.
Gizmodo is already calling it “The most groundbreaking phone since the iPhone”.
Engadget are also going crazy about this [...]

64 Things Every Geek Should Know

There are tons of different lists that get published daily on various blogs worldwide. People seem to like lists, and they often get voted on and similar sites enough to go straight to the hot list.
Most of them are crap. This list however is actually really cool. 64 cool technology stuff every self respecting [...]

Exciting new product from Sony!!!

This one is SO nicely done!

Nokia N97 Announced

Nokia has officially unveiled the next flagship product, a successor to the N95:
The Nokia N97.
The N95 is really a fantastic phone, I’ve been using it for quite some time now, and even prefer it over my iPhone due to the much better PIM features (Contacts, Calendar etc..), PC sync capability, video recording and more!
The N97 [...]

WD TV HD Media Player – I want one!

Wow, this is cool.
A couple of weeks ago, completely under the radar and with no fanfare and marketing, Western Digital released a product which throws a serious curve ball into the whole Streaming/HD/HTPC ball game.
What it released was WD TV HD Media Player – A simple little gadget that you can use to attach any [...]