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Archive for the 'iPhone' Category

Just announced by Microsoft: Windows Phone!

Seems like Microsoft is on a lucky streak here. Windows 7 seems to be a critical and commercial success.
Now shorty after that, Microsoft just announced a couple of hours ago their new phone: Windows Phone 7 Series.
Gizmodo is already calling it “The most groundbreaking phone since the iPhone”.
Engadget are also going crazy about this [...]

iPhone Shuffle Revealed!

The iPhone Shuffle was just revealed in a great movie.
Please watch until the end, it gets better and better. I think I cracked a rib from laughing hard…

Nokia N95 – Some thoughts and firmware upgrade from 12.0.013 to 20.0.015

I’ve been writing quite a bit about my iPhone. That’s natural, it’s an amazing gadget.
However, as I’ve previously mentioned as well, there are some annoying limitations that makes me sometimes ditch the iPhone and use the Nokia N95.
I’m now in a long stretch of using the N95, and I like it more and more as [...]

How to download album covers for iTunes without an account

If you’re an iPod owner, or like me, an iPhone owner, you have no choice but to use iTunes for uploading your MP3 collection.
One super-cool feature is downloading the album cover art for all your songs and that cool 3D like browsing through album covers – But guess what? You must have an iTunes account [...]

How to Watch DVDs on your iPhone

My previous post was How to read books on your iPhone, and I’ll open this post with the same paragraph:
I’m a proud iPhone owner, as evident by reading my Web site posts.
The iPhone is truly a work of art. A revolution, rather than an evolution, in mobile phone slash PDA slash personal communicator. It [...]