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Nokia N97 Announced

Nokia has officially unveiled the next flagship product, a successor to the N95:
The Nokia N97.
The N95 is really a fantastic phone, I’ve been using it for quite some time now, and even prefer it over my iPhone due to the much better PIM features (Contacts, Calendar etc..), PC sync capability, video recording and more!
The N97 [...]

GMail for Mobile v2.0 released

The Official Gmail Blog has announced a couple of days ago that Gmail for Mobile 2.0 was released.
It’s a must have app on your cell phone, and it’s definitely the most used app on my Nokia N95.
Version 2.0 is designed to be more reliable in low signal areas and provides basic offline support for phones [...]

Find the MAC address of your Nokia N95

Shortly following the Nokia N95 post, here’s a quick tip about how to find the MAC address of your Nokia N95.
I needed it since I must explcitly allow every device, according to MAC address, that wants to connect to my Wi-Fi network router.
Simply enter *#62209526# and that’s it.

Nokia N95 – Some thoughts and firmware upgrade from 12.0.013 to 20.0.015

I’ve been writing quite a bit about my iPhone. That’s natural, it’s an amazing gadget.
However, as I’ve previously mentioned as well, there are some annoying limitations that makes me sometimes ditch the iPhone and use the Nokia N95.
I’m now in a long stretch of using the N95, and I like it more and more as [...]