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A-Ha Take On Me: Literal Video

As a kid of the 80’s, this was probably my most favorite music video. Take On Me, by A-Ha, was both a great song, and a fantastic video clip. Definitely the most memorable music video of my growing-up years.
Anyhow, now there a “Literal Video” version of it, and it’s pure genius!

Apparently, a new “Literal video” [...]

XKCD – Campfire

This one’s too good to pass, almost as good as the classic sudo make me a sandwich XKCD cartoon.
If you laugh, you’re a real geek.

How to access hidden Facebook content without clicking Like

A new emerging trend on Facebook is spreading like wildfire these days, and it’s a very annoying trend.
You get constant Facebook updates from friends, saying they Liked “A really interesting/funny/amazing  photo/movie/scoop” and when clicking on the link the actual content is hidden and you must press “Like” in order to gain access to that item.
Well, [...]

Just announced by Microsoft: Windows Phone!

Seems like Microsoft is on a lucky streak here. Windows 7 seems to be a critical and commercial success.
Now shorty after that, Microsoft just announced a couple of hours ago their new phone: Windows Phone 7 Series.
Gizmodo is already calling it “The most groundbreaking phone since the iPhone”.
Engadget are also going crazy about this [...]

Google Chrome OS Revealed

I was waiting for this for a long time, just an hour ago Google held a press conference and finally revealed the Google Chrome OS details.
To be honest I wasn’t blown away. It was pretty much what I expected.
It’s still interesting and cool. And for better or worse, that’s the direction technology seems to go.
So [...]