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A-Ha Take On Me: Literal Video

As a kid of the 80’s, this was probably my most favorite music video. Take On Me, by A-Ha, was both a great song, and a fantastic video clip. Definitely the most memorable music video of my growing-up years.
Anyhow, now there a “Literal Video” version of it, and it’s pure genius!

Apparently, a new “Literal video” [...]

XKCD – Campfire

This one’s too good to pass, almost as good as the classic sudo make me a sandwich XKCD cartoon.
If you laugh, you’re a real geek.

The best internet movie clip ever!

Below is what’s apparently the most popular viral internet movie clip in history.
It takes a little time to load, but it’s well worth the wait!

Click HERE for larger version
* And if you haven’t figured out yet, yes, it’s me in the clip, and it could be you too. Use your own picture and send to [...]

xkcd – The Search

The AAA (Almost Always Awesome) xkcd does it again. I always felt that the way we’re searching for life out there, and the responses for the interim results, are redicoulous.
xkcd does an excellent job in explaining all this in a single panel:

Finally – A gaming console for women!

I recently got my dad a Wii. That’s right. My dad. A Wii.
What can I say, he has a lot of time on his hands and he wanted one.
To be honest, I’m jealous. But that’s beside the point.
The point is this hilarious bit about a Wii-like gaming consoles for the ladies.
Yes yes, it’s very sexist [...]