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Archive for the 'Site' Category Down Time

In what’s now almost a reoccurring annual event, I managed to be a few days late in renewing the domain again.
So the site was down for a few days, about a week and a half. I’ve finally renewed the domain and everything is up and running again. Even used the opportunity to upgrade to [...]

WordPress Worm Attack

This was bound to happen, apparently there’s a worm spreading over the Internet attacking WordPress-based blogs by taking advantage of a vulnerability in older versions.
If you have the latest WordPress 2.8.4 – You’re safe. Well this site wasn’t safe. I had a very old version running. I knew it wasn’t safe, but I was just [...] back online

I had very little time these last couple of weeks for anything really. included.
I flew to LA, and generally work kept me busy. And Murphy’s Law: the domain registration expired exactly 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t even noticed.

I’m back, the domain registration was extended once more, and is back online. [...]

Back home again

There have been no new post here since early last month. I’ve actually been away for quite some time. A long spell of family vacation, then some army duties, coupled with the high holidays…
In any case, I’m back.

Nostalgia added to the site

I’ve had the opportunity to rummage through a lot of old stuff and documents in the last few months – Moving would do that to you.
And there were a few things that just made me go wow. I want to share with you a couple of nostalgic computer/Internet related documents. Historic pieces. While amazingly nostalgic [...]