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Finally – Bruno Trailer

I’ve already wrote about the expectations for Bruno, the sequel to the genius Borat movie.
It’s finally here, the first Bruno Trailer:

Bruno – Better than Borat?

If you’ve been following my blog for a few years, you gotta know I’m a huge Sasha Baron Cohen fan.
I’ve been watching his  characters on TV long before he became really famous with Borat. I even posted here about his movie a long time before it came out.
I was extremely please the movie Borat did [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

I’m a huge Time-Travel geek. Huge.
It probably goes back to seeing Back to the Future in the movie theater as a kid, realizing I’ve just experienced my top movie of all times. Ever.
In any case, ever since, I’ve been a huge time travel geek. My favorite Sci-Fi sub-genre by a clear mile. I probably saw [...]

WD TV HD Media Player – I want one!

Wow, this is cool.
A couple of weeks ago, completely under the radar and with no fanfare and marketing, Western Digital released a product which throws a serious curve ball into the whole Streaming/HD/HTPC ball game.
What it released was WD TV HD Media Player – A simple little gadget that you can use to attach any [...]

First Glimpse of the Star Trek Trailer

If you’re even slightly geeky, you’re bound to be at least curious with the all new Star Trek movie, recasting and retelling the original Star Trek tale.
I’m one of those who used to watch the episodes growing up, never really a huge fan or anything, but still watched quite a lot of those during my [...]