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xkcd – The Search

The AAA (Almost Always Awesome) xkcd does it again. I always felt that the way we’re searching for life out there, and the responses for the interim results, are redicoulous.
xkcd does an excellent job in explaining all this in a single panel:

Do you even realize how tiny we are?

Do you realize how tiny we are?  And by ‘we’ I mean planet Earth.
Do you have ANY idea just how vast our universe is?
I find the following image simply amazing, and a mandatory educational tool: How tiny are we?
How can ANYONE in his right mind, after studying this image for some time can still seriously [...]

Did Ancient Viruses Spur Human Evolution?

I stumbled on an interesting post titled Did Ancient Viruses Spur Human Evolution? which got into the top Science stories on Digg today.
The story actually talks about a more complete article at the New-Yorker titled Darwin’s Surprise. It’s a very interesting and new twist to the classic evolution theory. After mapping the human genome scientists [...]

The Size Of Our World

I simply love looking at The Size Of Our World.
It’s simply mind boggling. A cool and pretty series of images which easily demonstrate how tiny Earth really is.

The truth about global warming – it’s the Sun that’s to blame

The Telegraph published a great article about a great new research.
I’ve been saying this for years, but now the rest of world is starting to understand this too.
“Global warming has finally been explained: the Earth is getting hotter because the Sun is burning more brightly than at any time during the past 1,000 [...]