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How to access hidden Facebook content without clicking Like

A new emerging trend on Facebook is spreading like wildfire these days, and it’s a very annoying trend.
You get constant Facebook updates from friends, saying they Liked “A really interesting/funny/amazing  photo/movie/scoop” and when clicking on the link the actual content is hidden and you must press “Like” in order to gain access to that item.
Well, [...]

How to compress, compact, optimize and shrink PowerPoint presentations

This is unbelievably simple. And I could have figured it out ages ago. But I guess it’s only when you really have a need you set out and find the solution.
We all know about this issue, you sit down and author a PowerPoint presentation. You copy/paste a few cool-looking pictures, and when you’re done, all [...]

Years of rumors were true: Google announces Google Chrome OS

All of us have heard many rumors for the last 5 years or so. Google are secretly developing an operating system that would rival the other giant in the playing ground (MS).
So now it’s finally official: The Official Google Blog has posted today a post titled Introducing the Google Chrome OS. It’ll be out next [...]

64 Things Every Geek Should Know

There are tons of different lists that get published daily on various blogs worldwide. People seem to like lists, and they often get voted on and similar sites enough to go straight to the hot list.
Most of them are crap. This list however is actually really cool. 64 cool technology stuff every self respecting [...]

Diablo 3 Announced

I can’t seriously call myself a gamer. I used to call myself a gamer, but that was a few good years ago now.
Playing computer games used to be a serious hobby for me, but marrying, having 2 kids, a dog, a career and just life in general kind of sets different priorities in life.
I even [...]