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If Homer Simpson was real

This is spooky.
Click the regular cartoon Homer Simpson photo below to look at a picture of what Homer would look like if he was a real person.
Homer Simpson rendered super realistically:

Yet another awsome gag – No reflection in the mirror

Hidden camera gags are usually very low brow type of humor. But sometimes they are simply masterpieces.
Like the other gags I’ve posted here at the time, this is yet another super smart, super funny hidden camera gag.
Watch as 2 identical rooms with a simple glass in the middle, and 2 coordinated twins make the victims [...]

Format wars are over: Blu-ray Wins! HD DVD dead!

This was posted yesterday. Now, a day after, it’s OFFICIALLY official: “Toshiba just made a statement saying, it will no longer develop, manufacture and market HD DVD players and recorders.”

This is big news for the consumers and the digital media world. It seems like the format wars are officially over:
After the first [...]

The Shopping Bag Lady

If you’re around my age (30+) and watched Israeli TV throughout childhood (Israel is my case, the U.S. and other countries also apply of course..) you’re bound to have some nostalgic pieces that will never leave you.
Mine was The Shopping Bag Lady short movie – I have no idea how old I was when it [...]

A brilliant, funny and twisted “Just for Laughs” gag!

I’m sure all of you know of the Just for Laughs gag show.
It’s a hidden camera type gag show made for global syndication.
You’ve probably seen it syndicated in your local TV station as short fillers, and if not there then probably received an email at some point with a clip attached.
Anyhow, most of them are [...]