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Archive for the 'Wordpress' Category Down Time

In what’s now almost a reoccurring annual event, I managed to be a few days late in renewing the domain again.
So the site was down for a few days, about a week and a half. I’ve finally renewed the domain and everything is up and running again. Even used the opportunity to upgrade to [...]

WordPress Worm Attack

This was bound to happen, apparently there’s a worm spreading over the Internet attacking WordPress-based blogs by taking advantage of a vulnerability in older versions.
If you have the latest WordPress 2.8.4 – You’re safe. Well this site wasn’t safe. I had a very old version running. I knew it wasn’t safe, but I was just [...] changes hosts

I’ve wrote my first Blog entry 2 years ago, On January 22nd 2005.
That was the first post I wrote under Wordpress, after examining a few other alternatives. And that’s what I’ve used since. This whole blog thing has actually started as a cool little project, back when I had no children, thus, actually had [...]

My amazing adventures with Borat, Wordpress, MySQL and Linux

In the last few days my site’s traffic is constantly higher than normal. Much more so.
From simply examining the Web’s log file, it’s clearly related to a Borat news item I once posted.
Apparently searching for “Borat” in Google Images shows my Web site on the first results page, as I’ve cleverly linked a really cool [...]