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Sunday, 29 August

  • Litestep Version 0.24.5 Released!
    Well, here it is.. The official, long-awaited version of Litestep, including MANY bug-fixes and some new features too. This release comes from the Litestep-binary-authority site - Litestep.com.
    BTW, "official" is kinda vague here according to the well-connected Floach

  • PaneKiller 1.40 Final Released!
    Another long-awaited release! After a couple of betas, here is the final.
    Personnaly, I can't live without this app. PLEASE, grab it NOW!
    Check out the site HERE
    or download HERE

  • GetRight 4.0 Release Candidate 1 Announced
    BetaNews reports that Headlight Software announced this release candidate of the VERY good download manager.
    Check it out HERE
    or download HERE

  • Older news I couldn't live without. There were a couple important thingies that happened during my absence. I decided not to post them, since they're not news anymore, but an update here is needed:
    WinAmp version 2.5 was released.
    Since then version 2.5c was released too, with a couple of bug fixes. Oh, and it's a freeware now. Looks like AOL wants us to love it more than Microsoft..

Friday, 27 August

  • Litestep version 0.24.5 tonight!!!
    Wohaa.. Many moons have passed, and there's finally a new official release of Litestep, the premiere alternative shell.
    There are lots of Litestep sites, but the best one (not the oldest one though) is Litestep.com (DUHH!), Check it out.

Thursday, 26 August

  • Web-redirection HELL!!!
    I knew it, I just knew it! Damn these Virtual Servers SOBs!!!
    As you are able to see by now, there is now a FUC*ING pop-up ad banner courtesy of the redirecting company that I got the raunchy start.at address. I know it's a lousy name, but at the time it was the cheapest (free) option I had for having a decent URL.
    Now these shits are offering only 3 options: pop-up window, delay-page or frame... And, of course, all three options are crap!
    Anyhow, these guys got me by the balls. I just want to go right to the site and cancel my redirection, but I can't just change my address.. I had it for too long, registered it at too many search engines, linked at too many places etc.. Shit, even my -=D-DAY=- animated logo has this address!!!
    What do I do?!! Any suggestions?! Please sound them HERE

    JEEEEEEEEEEEZZZ..... For the first time EVER, -=D-DAY=- was not updated for over a month!
    That's the BEST way to become an internet "ghost site". People come in.. "Hmmm, still not updated.. The guy may be dead or sumptin'..." and they never come back.. :(
    Anyhow, trust me, I had a GOOD reason for this long break. I moved. TWICE!
    My office has moved to a new location, and that means a LOT of work. I've been working 10-12 hours a day since August 1st. As if THIS wasn't enough to kill the drive of turning my computer on, I moved to a new home too!!!
    Me and my dad did all of the hauling work alone, so it spread over 3 weeks too... Not to mention I had no net connection during that period..!
    Anyhow, I trust you understand these issues, and why I was absent for this long.. But I'm back!
    Lost A LOT of updates and news, and I won't bother with the list of news that aren't really news now...
    So... Enjoy!

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