1) Didn`t you spend time outside as a child?

Surely, my mom made me go out with other kids and play football, go to the beach or ride bicycles on the street. Did I enjoy it? Yes, I definitely did. But I cannot say that modern kids are miserable because they don’t have all of these pastimes. We should do what we truly like. Everything else is simply a prejudice and somebody`s attempt to make others do what he or she wants.

2) Your favorite TV series.

I cannot choose only one. I watch from one to ten episodes every day and have finished hundreds of series so far. To name the favorite one I will have to divide them all into a few categories and then decide which one is the best in each category. Too sophisticated. That`s why I will say that it`s Narcos since this was the last series which impressed me very much and didn’t let me take my eyes off the screen.

3) What do your parents think about your hobby?

My father is pretty the same when it comes to football. He can`t miss a single game and sometimes waits for hours to buy a good ticket or does everything my mother asks him to do to make sure he will have that minute of solitude in the evening. That`s all you need to know about my family.

4) Do you have friends?

Sure. There is quite a ridiculous myth about series of nerds who spend all the time in front of the TV and have no friends. I have plenty of people to share pleasant moments with and I am truly grateful for them.