Movies That Helped People Cope During Their Depression

Depression is a serious issue that affects many people. It makes you feel hopeless like nothing is worth doing anymore, and you isolate yourself. People keep telling you to “snap out of it”, and you wish it was that easy. You are not motivated to do what you usually like doing, and you don’t even know what to do about it.

Well, while seeking professional help should be a necessity, there are things you can do on your own. Communication is one of the things that can help you out of the darkness. Still, there is one thing you can do when you are home alone, and you feel that the sky will come crashing on your head.

Watching movies can not only take your mind away from life’s struggles, but they can also teach you important things. Therefore, below is a list of movies that can help you cope with depression.

The Harry Potter series

Harry Potter is that movie series that everyone knows about. It’s “magical” and has many characters you can relate to. From the main character, “the boy who lived”, to his friends Ron and Hermione and even the antagonist Draco Malfoy. There are many characters coming from different environments, fighting their own battle. A character like Neville Longbottom shows you that you can be brave even when you feel afraid. Luna Lovegood is a character that teaches you that being different is alright and that what others think shouldn’t affect you. It’s a great and inspiring series.

The Lord of The Rings Trilogy

The popular series based on Tolkien’s books is enough to keep you interested in Frodo’s journey and make you forget about internal struggles. Moreover, it helps you see how a friend could be your guide in the darkness. A friend can also put you back on your feet and show you that life is worth living for. Sam was a best friend to Frodo, even when Frodo sent him away. He knew what Frodo had to endure, and supported him through his struggles. He also told him that life is worth fighting for.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice’s journey can help you in a situation where you don’t really know who you are. It can give you a confidence boost and help you focus on what matters the most. So, don’t miss the “company” of the Mad Hatter.


The popular song “Let it go” is probably playing in your head right now. Frozen is a very loved Disney movie, and rightfully so. Elsa is a very relatable character, who is battling her own struggles. She was holding everything inside, was afraid and wanted to escape, but she managed to overcome all these.

Legally Blonde

Elle can help you cope with your loveliness by showing you that success is attainable if you are dedicated. She was different and everyone was looking down on her, but she proved everyone wrong. It’s a great confidence boost and can prove to you that everything is possible if you work hard for it.

Girl, Interrupted

This movie shows you how people have flaws, but that doesn’t mean that they’re evil. While you are fighting your own demons, you can be the kindness that you’d like to see in the world. It’s a great lesson.

Final Thoughts

During the depression, it’s best to remember that you are not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. These movies can teach you this and can help you cope with your internal struggle.

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