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Years of rumors were true: Google announces Google Chrome OS

All of us have heard many rumors for the last 5 years or so. Google are secretly developing an operating system that would rival the other giant in the playing ground (MS).

So now it’s finally official: The Official Google Blog has posted today a post titled Introducing the Google Chrome OS. It’ll be out next year.

Read the whole thing. No one knows how the future will shape up following this. However, let me guarantee you one thing, this announcement is a huge one and in any case we’ll see an interesting few years of struggles and power shifts between MS and Google.

Firefox 3.5 Officially Released

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 is now officially available for download.

Other then being the Fastest Firefox Ever, new features include a Private Browsing Mode to hide browser activity, a JavaScript engine known as TraceMonkey, new location services, Open Video, and HTML5 support.

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Bruno – Conan O’Brien Interview

No words. Just watch.

Moon – Another awsome Sci-Fi movie to look forward to

Moon is scheduled to open in the US in about a couple of weeks.

I won’t give away to much, just watch the trailer. The bottom line is that it looks to be one of the best Sci-Fi flicks to look forward to.

2012 – New Trailer

Another movie I look forward too. 2012.
I know, it’s probably a silly movie with a dumb plot – But I’m a sucker for great CG.
Not childish idiotic “Transformers” type of Computer Graphics. I mean movies that realistically depict amazing, but possible, “What if” scenarios.

You gotta admit this looks cool: