The Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

Whether you want to watch them with your other half or you are just a romantic movie aficionado in general, they are not something to be missed. They are there to make you shed a tear when something goes wrong or the ending is just perfect.

Here is a list of the best romantic movies you can find on Netflix.

Love Actually (2003)

This movie directed by Richard Curtis is great in portraying love confessions. This is a romantic comedy. In it, a recently married woman named Juliet discovers that her husband’s best friend has a secret crush on her. The man decides to confess his feelings through hand-drawn cue cards one night. The fact that the movie presents an impossible love is enough to make you cry.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

The movie features an advice columnist for a romance magazine. Her name is Annie and plans to make a man leave her in ten days. Her reasoning is the fact that she wants to write a spicy article for the readers. On the other side, Ben thinks that he can make any woman fall in love with him in 10 days. And, as expected, they pick each other. The whole movie, they are trying to repel and attract each other. The ending may seem obvious at this point, though.

The Great Gatsby (2013)

The adaptation of the popular American novel is another movie that can make your tears flow. Whereas it might not be as good as the novel, it does a great job at keeping you interested. The story of the poor army officer who is in love with Daisy is sure to break your heart. Although Jay Gatsby was forced to climb the social ladder because of Daisy’s narcissism, watching Gatsby fight for his love is amazing. The Great Gatsby remains a great and tragic story that impresses any viewer.

Irreplaceable You (2018)

The movie tells the story of Abbie and Sam, two people who have been together since childhood. They get engaged, but they also find out about her terminal cancer diagnosis. Apparently, there is no hope for her condition. Consequently, she starts looking for women to take her place after she dies. Her love for Sam is too strong, so she doesn’t want him to be alone. Therefore, she is looking for candidates. You might need some wipes for the end of the movie.

Like Water for Chocolate (1992)

This movie directed by Alfonso Arau tells the story of Pedro and Tita. They are two young people whose love is forbidden. What is more interesting is the fact that Tita can insert her moods and emotions directly into the food when cooking. As a result, it causes reactions in people who eat it– sometimes good ones, sometimes bad ones.

Echo Park (2016)

This film portrays that adulthood stage when everyone settles down, but it stands out as a story that talks about maturity in any type of love relationship. The action focuses on an interracial couple. The movie doesn’t suggest that the issues of race and class are not existent, but they show that love can be stronger than anything.

Chocolat (2000)

This movie’s story is centered around Juliette Binoche, who opens up a chocolate shop as a single mother. It’s a special kind of romantic comedy that is rarely met. A nomadic chocolatier Vianne uses Binoche’s shop opening as a reason to stir a scandal in the small French village and makes an enemy of the village mayor. It escalates when she becomes friends with a band of “river rats”. This band is led by Roux. As for the rest of the movie, well, you’re going to need a huge bowl of popcorn.

Final Thoughts

Romantic movies can be a great way to spend an evening with your loved one. Hopefully, we’ve sparked your interest and you’ll add the movies presented here on your watch list.

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